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The Babysitter’s Club

Find sitters recommended by people you know

  • 22 May 2012

When you can’t find a babysitter, or your buddy can't, the night’s reduced to coveting homes on House Hunters, or shuddering at Hoarders while you slowly realize they get out more than you.

Don't hide yourself away. Instead, check out, which finds babysitters recommended by people you’re connected with on Facebook.

Simply login, then tell Urbansitter your address, your child’s name, their school, and your affiliations; the site will then scour those connections, finding babysitters who have been recommended by parents at your school or, say, your local neighborhood association.

Recommended sitters are categorized by degrees of separation (e.g., “sitters friends know”, “sitters you might like”), and their profiles include basic data (age, rate, etc.), 1-5 star reviews from families, and whether they’ve completed a TalentWise background check.

Parents can also view availability for each babysitter, or request an in-person or over-the-phone interview.

All babysitters are searchable, too, allowing you to sort by languages spoken, education level, and even experience with special situations like asthma or ADHD.

Urbansitter’s in seven cities (NYC, SF, Chicago, Denver, more...) and expanding rapidly, allowing men nationwide to forego repeat viewings of the History Channel’s Ancient Discoveries: Your Social Life.

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