The Eight Must-Have Men’s Grooming Products for Summer

On swamp crotch, and how to get rid of it

By Kirk Miller

The 8 Must-Have Men’s Grooming Products for Summer
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06 July 2017

Sweaty pits. Sunburnt skin. A, um, “steamy undercarriage.”

Like every season, summer comes with its own unique set of bodily disclaimers.

With your health (and redolence) in mind, we hit up our favorite men’s grooming company, BirchboxMan, to figure out which products will help you survive the heat.

Below, Kyle Bergman, the company’s Men's Grooming & Lifestyle Merchant, shares his thoughts.

For your eyes: Brickell Restoring Eye Balm

“A natural and organic eye product that checks off all of the boxes.”

To help “down there”: Balla for Men Body Powder

“A recurring customer sentiment I hear in men's grooming is something along the lines of, ‘I didn't realize how much I needed (insert product) until I tried it. Now I can't imagine life without it.’ Balla for Men's Body Powder epitomizes the spring/summer version of this comment, providing a natural, easy-to-use take on an age old jewel refresher.”

For your pits: PiperWai Natural Deodorant

“I was more skeptical than anyone when I first came across this, but after trying it, I'm convinced the PiperWai team is a bunch of wizards. Using activated charcoal and plant-based essential oils, this natural deodorant is extremely effective at absorbing both sweat and odor. And it smells great, too.”

To protect your mouth: Jack Black Intense Therapy Lip Balm SPF 25

“Our best-selling lip balm. It absorbs faster than waxy alternatives and features SPF 25 protection to guard against UV rays. With no shiny residue, you won't look like you borrowed your girlfriend’s gloss in a fit of desperation.”

For your travels: Mavericks Nano Kit

“A super quick three-step summer grooming kit. The thing I love about SPF products is that they also double as great anti-aging tools. The SPF lotion in this TSA-approved kit from Mavericks is as good as any SPF protector I've tried out there. It comes with a great face wash you should use before, and a nice serum you can apply right before you recharge for the night.” (Note: We’re already big fans of Mavericks.)  

For outdoor refreshment: Ursa Major Morning Mojo Soap Bar

“Ever take an outdoor shower in the woods or near the beach? If not, you're missing out. But this body bar will transport you there. Volcanic rock gently exfoliates, honey and shea butter soothe irritation, and peppermint oil caps the experience with a brisk, invigorating tingle.” (Note: Ursa Major also makes these fantastic exfoliating wipes that act like a quick shower on the go.)

To save your skin: Marlowe No. 002 Men's Extra Moisturizing Body Lotion

“When it comes to a solid summer body lotion, a non-greasy formula that hydrates and soothes skin is at the top of our list. Marlowe’s extra moisturizing formula delivers just that and more. It’s packed with green tea extract to repair, willow bark extract to reduce inflammation, and deep sea algae extract to soothe.”

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