The $250 Outfit: Sunday Brunch

Here's a foolproof weekend ensemble that won't break the bank

By The Editors

The $250 Outfit: Sunday Brunch
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07 January 2016

We take brunch very seriously here at InsideHook. So too, the brunch ensemble.

The hour between breakfast and lunch calls for an outfit built on two founding principles: "I just rolled out of bed" and "Or did I?" Slouchy but clean. Comfortable but fitted. Relaxed but not heading-to-the-dining-hall relaxed.

Remember: while brunch has gotten complicated (looking at you, pour-over Chemex for the table), your outfit doesn't have to be. Here are four items that add up to less than $250, will attract second glances from the hostess and wear coffee stains well.

Artfully tousled hair sold separately.

1) Uniqlo Men’s Selvedge Jean $49.90
2) Topman Longsleeve Stone Twill $50
3) Levi's Line 8 Trucker Jacket $84 $62.90
4) Native Apollo Chukka $85

Grand Total (excluding tax): $247.80

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