The $250 Outfit: Post-Gym Duty

A foolproof post-workout ensemble that won’t break the bank

By The Editors

A Foolproof Ensemble for Post-Workouts That Won’t Break the Bank
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02 March 2016

Here’s the thing about workout clothes:

You wanna look good, but you don’t wanna look like you’re trying to look good.

Same maxim applies post-sweat. But how does a man cover the basics without, well … looking basic? Luckily for you, it’s never been easier than right now, as more and more brands jump on the ultra-casual “athleisure” train. 

What you’re looking for: high-quality basics cut trim enough that they look good outta’ the gym but roomy enough that your body can cool down proper.

Now all you gotta do is actually get to the gym.

1) Greats Rosen$49
2) Everlane Puffer Shirt - $88
3) American Giant Track Pant - $69
4) Reigning Champ Set-In Tee - $38

Grand Total (excluding tax): $244.00

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