The 10 Best Airbnbs for Craft Beer Lovers

Leave the car keys in your room. You won't be needing them.

By Tanner Garrity

The 10 Best Airbnbs for Craft Beer Lovers
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13 August 2018

Remember when you could actually crash on a floor for the night?

It was probably one of those lakehouse vacations, where the beer was ample and beds were scarce; you’d wake up with a sore back, head pounding like a drum … then do it all over again.

Times have changed, friend. Beer is too good now to end the night with most of it on your shirt. And a good night’s sleep, it turns out, goes a long way — especially on vacation.

That’s why your next drinking trip, whether with the guys or your better half, should be down the street from a beloved taproom, in an Airbnb you’d score a “5” the second you pull into the driveway.

Whether you’re squatting for hours at the taprooms down the street or just stopping by to ferry a few six-packs home, these homes have the string-lit decks, backyard pools, industrial kitchens and king-size beds to make sure you’re doing right by the beer ... and that aging back of yours. 

Below, our top 10 Airbnbs for sipping craft beer.

bend (4 images)

The North House
Bend, Oregon
Brewery down the block:
 The Ale Apothecary (1.9 mi)
Don’t leave without trying: Sahati; fermented ale brewed in spruce, 9-10%

stowe (4 images)

The Canopy House
Stowe, Vermont
Brewery down the block: The Alchemist (4.5 mi)
Don’t leave without trying: Heady Topper; buoyant American Double IPA, 8.0%

soma (4 images)

The SoMa Loft
San Francisco, California
Brewery down the block: 21st Amendment Brewery (0.4 mi)
Don’t leave without trying: Back in Black; IPA with dark malts, 6.8%

austin (4 images)

The Mountain Modern
Austin, Texas
Brewery down the block: The ABGB (1.3 mi)
Don’t leave without trying: YSB #8 Violet; Blueberry sour, with Texas blueberries, 3.9%

bkn (4 images)

The Williamsburg House
Brooklyn, New York
Brewery down the block: Other Half Brewing Co. (6.6 mi)
Don’t leave without trying: Possibly of Interest; German pilsner with Hersbrucker hops, 4.8%

maine (4 images)

The Summer House
Freeport, Maine
Brewery down the block: Maine Beer Company (5.7 mi)
Don’t leave without trying: Thank You 2018 IPA; citrus, tropical fruits and mixed berries, 7.0%

marcos (4 images)

The Modern Ranch
San Marcos, CA
Brewery down the block:
 The Lost Abbey (8.0 mi)
Don’t leave without trying: Ex Cathedra; orange peel, ginger, cinammon, Madagascar vanilla beans, raisins, 13.8%

chi (4 images)

The Sunporch House 
Chicago, IL
Brewery down the block: Begyle Brewing Company (1.3 mi) 
Don’t leave without trying: Begyle Imperial Pajamas Coffee Stout; chocolate, coffee, roasted malt, cheeries, 9.8%

(4 images)

The Pearl Street House
Boulder, CO
Brewery down the block: Sanitas Brewing Co. (2.2 mi)
Don’t leave without trying: Sanitas Grapefruit Smuggler IPA; fruity sour with grapefruit, 5.5% 

seattle (4 images)

The Northwest House
Seattle, WA
Brewery down the block: Cloudburst Brewery (1.9 mi) 
Don't leave without trying: Good For You; Nitro dry-Irish stout, 5.9%

All images from Airbnb

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