Your Thanksgiving Plan
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Your Thanksgiving Plan

The man's guide to a perfect Thanksgiving

  • 05 November 2012

Thanksgiving: a delicious affair, when a man can eat his fill, unburdened by the twin anxieties of other holidays, i.e., religion and gifts. Below, your three-step plan to overindulging in style.

Your Turkey, Delivered

Forget factory meat: Heritage Foods raises hormone-free breeds of rare turkeys (Bourbon Red, Narragansett, Jersey Buff), a.k.a. the ones “eaten in this country in the 19th century,” and FedEx-es the 8-20 lbs. birds to your house by the Wednesday before Thanksgiving. $75-$130 plus shipping. (Their company manifesto is worth a read). And turducken fans: CajunGrocer delivers the stuffed three-meat extravaganza in four varieties (like seafood jambalaya and Creole sausage), for about $80-$125.

Your Drinks, Delicious

Beer. It goes damn well with Turkey. To pair, consider Haandbryggeriet Norwegian Wood, a smoked beer with notes of caramel and berries. Or get a little early dessert with Hangar 24’s Local Fields Gourdgeous Pumpkin Porter, a strong (8.5%) dark brew that, unlike its ale cousin, delivers perfectly subtle pumpkin notes. More options: see our gallery, which includes Hot Buttered Rum, whiskey, wines, and even more beer.

And All the Trimmings

The new Laguiole en Aubrac Carving Sets from Williams-Somona ($250-$400) are an aesthete’s carving knife of choice: handcrafted in France, with handles made from the likes of buffalo horn, juniper wood, and turquoise stone, and blades forged from Swedish Sandvik steel.

And then there was pie: a favorite of Mario Batali, the Grand Traverse Pie Company in Northern Michigan delivers two types of pumpkin pies ($30): the classic, featuring a “mousse-like texture,” and one with toasted pecans. A gracefully gluttonous way to end your meal.

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