Whoa. Magic Table.

You move, it moves

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Whoa. That Table Is Magic.
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20 November 2015

The benefits of a standing desk are many: reduced risk of obesity, better circulation, less money spent on chairs ...

If only they were telekinetic.

So goes the tale of TableAir, the London company that just released a "smart table" that automatically adjusts to the height of its user via a motion-activated sensor. You press a button and hold your hand over the sensor, et voilá: the table repositions itself, garage-door-like, to accommodate your desired height.

The table has some other nifty tech integrations as well, like modular LED "mood lighting," power outlets for all your devices and a custom app that keeps tabs on your standing-to-sitting ratio and alerts you when it thinks you need to go upright.

TableAir comes in four finishes: white and black glossy, dark walnut and American cherry.

Learn more or pick one up right here.

TableAirYou move, it moves

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