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How to fly a MIG without going to Russia

  • 28 January 2013

Thousands of years ago in Africa, mankind climbed out of the trees.

This year, he can climb into the cockpit of a MiG.

Introducing The Supersonic Club, the first place that a) lets you fly in a MiG jet fighter and b) isn’t in Russia, taking reservations for 2013 now.

Started by an aviation entrepreneur who was looking to book flights on a “very fast, high performance ‘hair on fire’ aircraft,” the Supersonic Club straps you into a dual-seat MiG-21 (of Korean, Vietnam, and Gulf Wars fame) and pushes you to supersonic speeds over the wilds of South Africa.

To start, you’ll be brought to an air force base in the town of Hoedspruit. From there, it’s a morning of training, familiarizing yourself with the cockpit, and, ahem, ejection seat training.

From there, you and your trained co-pilot will strap in for the ride of your life: a dizzying 30-45 minutes of loops, climbs, and barrel rolls at around 1500 MPH.

When you’re done, you’ll receive a flight video and digital photos of your adventure, including an inside-the-cockpit pic of the exact moment you break the sound barrier.

As you might expect, membership in the Supersonic Club doesn’t come cheap.

But you can’t pull a few Gs without spending some, too.

The Specifics

Supersonic Club

$10,000 (est.)
Request a quote at bookings@supersonicclub.co.za

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