Text This Lady If You Need Help Getting Dressed

Way less embarrassing than calling your mom, that's for sure

By Walker Loetscher

Text This Lady If You Need Help Getting Dressed
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17 October 2016

There are times in life when it pays to have a second opinion.

One of those times: when you're squinting sideways at yourself in the mirror every morning trying to decide if that tie's too busy to wear over a gingham shirt (pro tip: it probably is).

Now, by second opinion, we don't mean hollering across the hall at your equally tie-pattern-inept roommate. At least not when there's a better option available. Like, say, Style Girlfriend, the menswear site curated entirely by women that just launched an on-demand advice hotline.

We texted Megan Collins, the savvy ladyperson behind SG, to get a firsthand look at the service last week.

InsideHook: Hi. What's a Style Girlfriend?

Megan Collins: Style Girlfriend is the friendly female voice a guy might need in his life to encourage him to dress — and in return, feel — his best.

IH: I'm told you're now offering “real-time style advice.” What does that mean and how does it work?

MC: It's an on-demand messaging in order to offer guys real-time style suggestions and shopping recommendations via SMS. All powered by the Style Girlfriend team (as in, it’s #notabot).

IH:  So I'm talking to a real girl? That's sounds very time consuming and arduous. Is there, like, an entire army of Style Girlfriends on the line?

MC: Yes, thankfully. I've been building it for awhile now — What we found when we beta'd the service is that guys have questions ... occasionally. No one has asked us for a complete closet overhaul yet. It's more, “What do you think I should wear on a date where we're going hiking, then going on a brewery tour?” And then nothing for a week or two. So it's manageable.

IH: Nice. What's the catch? Will this service cost me an arm and a pantleg?

MC: For now, we're offering this service free of charge and taking payment in good karma.

IH: Usually when I get dressed I'm in a huge rush. How fast can I expect responses to be?

MC: Pretty fast. thanks to our millenial-induced co-dependency on technology, we'll be ready, devices in hand, to answer questions 8am-8pm EST.

IH: Can I put the style girlfriend to the test with a question right now?

MC: Oh man. Let's do it.

IH: I just bought my first tux. Midnight blue. Shawl collar. Wearing it to a fancy dinner party next weekend and I need some shoes. What are we thinking ...?

MC: Well you can't go wrong with a high-shine patent leather dress shoe. Something from Allen Edmonds or Johnston & Murphy would do the trick. But we wouldn't kick you out of bed in a black velvet slipper — Del Toro is our favorite if you're feeling jaunty. The nice thing about formal dress shoes is you buy them and — unless you get pregnant — your feet probably won't change sizes, so you'll have 'em forever.

IH: Getting the Magnannis. Actually. You = lifesaver. 

MC: Hahaha. See, it's a useful service!

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