Do We Really Need an Undershirt Subscription Service?

A new company promises to solve a problem you may don't have

By Kirk Miller

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14 March 2017

On a blustery day like today, let’s talk ... undershirts.

You know, those ratty white tees you put under your dress shirts to hide sweat and stains ... aaand occasionally use in lieu of an actual T-shirt (minus five style points). You need to replace these more often. And Stork seems to offer a solution: it’s an undershirt subscription service that’s been around for a bit, but just launched its gray line today.

Do you need a Subscribe & Save for undershirts? Let’s argue!


  • They are nicely made. Shorter sleeves for less bunching, long enough to stay tucked, and a narrower, non-boxy fit. No tag in the back.
  • To try the first one out is just $5, and a six-pack is only $50. You can tailor (ha!) your subscription to your needs — say, six new shirts every six months — and cancel anytime.
  • If your undershirts have yellow stains on the pits, you definitely need to be thinking about this more. Stork closes the loop.


  • Do you really need another subscription in your life?
  • Potentially wasteful if you forget about your subscription. Do you want to end up with 20+ some undershirts?
  • Not all of our dapper editors believe in the undershirt. “I don't wear undershirts. I think the added layer makes me sweat more,” says one.
  • Our style editor is more blunt: “I do not endorse (wearing) undershirts.”

So, if you like the idea behind Stork, maybe get a six-pack and cancel right away.

OR, if you’re simply looking for a versatile T-shirt, elevate your style a bit. Personally, we like the perfect fit of Stantt and the flattering, masculine silhouettes of Buck Mason.

No need to cover those up.

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