Cool Dads Buy Their Kids Bluetooth Superhero Speakers

How does it sound? Who cares? LOOK AT IT.

By Kirk Miller

Sound Heroes
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07 June 2017

Apple, you can have your HomePod.

We’ll take our Bluetooth speaker with a side of smoke machine and a heavy dose of Tony Stark, thank you very much.

Now available for pre-order, Kalium Sound Heroes AD’OM is a Bluetooth speaker shaped like a polygonal superhumanoid. That's right, we're going to say that very matter-of-factly. Like it's a normal thing. It plays music, sure. But it also doubles as a wireless charging dock, voice synthesizer, Wi-Fi range extender, subwoofer and an interactive ambient lamp (with 16 million color variations controlled by a smartphone app).

Sound Heroes (3 images)

Oh, and reminder, it comes with its own smoke machine.

Part of a larger comic book universe and game that you need to know absolutely nothing about, AD’OM is available in 10 different colors (like electric blue and “mistic black”) on Indiegogo starting at $100, with delivery set for October.

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