Sotheby’s Now Offers Expertly Curated Wine Cellars in One Click

Which kind of defeats the purpose of collecting wine

By Kirk Miller

Sotheby Instant Cellars
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15 June 2018

As someone who knows little about wine, I look for cheats when it comes to ordering a good bottle. This usually involves bringing someone along who knows more than me (admittedly, not much of a cheat).

But this is a shortcut that may go a bridge too far:

Instant Cellars, new from Sotheby’s, promises a “seamless” way to start a wine cellar. The auction house offers four options, ranging from a $5,000 Introductory package (50 bottles, 25 different selections, average wine price of $115) up to Investment, which nets you 90 bottles (average retail: $300 each).

Sotheby Instant Cellar

The good news is you’re getting a decent deal (10% off or so) on carefully curated bottle selections and also earning free consultations with Sotheby’s in-house wine advisors, the Collection Management & Advisory team.

If you’re looking at wine purely as an investment, this might be a way to go. And if you trust Sotheby’s taste, we could see the Instant Cellars as a sort of elevated wine club.

But doesn’t half the joy of having a wine cellar come from building it up on your own and nurturing it along the way? The one-click nature here takes out not only the hard work, but the fun and personalization that comes with the journey.

Wine, like any good drink, comes with a story. And this is one story you should be telling on your own.

H/t Luxury Launches

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