You Can Now Buy 2 Sonos Speakers for the Same Price as Apple's HomePod

Well, this makes the decision easier

By Kirk Miller

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26 January 2018

We were already iffy on HomePod, Apple’s probably great-sounding but definitely pricey (and functionally limited) new smart speaker.

Sonos isn’t taking any chances, however.

Starting now and for a limited time, the audio company is offering two Sonos One speakers for $349, or the same price as one HomePod. The Sonos speakers usually cost $199 each, so this is a good (and rare) deal.

We’re fans of the Sonos One — although the baked-in Alexa assistant seems to need two or three prompts to turn on/off our lights (#firstworldproblems) — but getting two speakers gives you stereo and/or multi-room capabilities. As well, the Sonos One already a leg up on features over other smart speakers, offering 80+ streaming services and (soon) support for Google Assistant and Apple Airplay 2 — meaning they might have Airplay 2 multi-room support before the HomePod.

Sounds like a good time to double down.

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