Turn Your Smart Phone Into a High-Tech Walkie Talkie, Basically

No data, no grid, no subscription

By Kirk Miller

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07 July 2017

Yeah, you’re never gonna get off the grid.

Especially when people keep creating devices like Sonnet, a hexagonal transmitter that allows you to send encrypted texts, voice recordings, images and GPS locations on your phone when you’re out of cellular range.

Sonnet does this via long-range radio communication — think a heavy-duty walkie-talkie that can communicate up to nine miles away. Great at crowded events with bad service, camping in a desolate areas or traveling in a foreign country.

The lightweight device comes with some nice extras, too, including offline maps, a panic button that broadcasts your location and the ability to charge your phone.

Good news? Once you buy it, Sonnet works. No subscription fees.

The bad news? It only works between Sonnet-equipped smartphones.

Now in Kickstarter preorder*, a pair of Sonnets is available starting at $89, with shipping slated for November.

* The usual caveats about crowdfunded projects apply here

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