So Gullwing Doors on a Family Car Is a Thing Now?

Lincoln unveils new Navigator concept

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So Gullwing Doors on the Family Car Is a Thing Now?
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24 March 2016

It’s been two decades since Lincoln first introduced the Navigator, and now Matthew McConaughey’s automaker of choice has decided to remake its signature SUV after sales slipped by nearly seven percent last year.

Although it isn’t exactly what the new Navigator will look like, Lincoln rolled out a concept model with an EcoBoost V6 engine, a new chassis and 400 horses that Lincoln at the New York Auto Show earlier this week.

Oh, it also had gullwing doors. So there’s that.

Lincoln Navigator Concept sprouts gullwing doors and an even roomier cabin 1:13

Yes, they look ridiculous on a soccer-mom vehicle. Yes, everyone was snickering about it.

But no, they won’t actually be a feature on the production model, according to Lincoln’s president.

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