Can Your Winter Jacket Handle Fire? Because This One Can.

Firefighter technology meets everyday utility

By Tanner Garrity

Can Your Winter Jacket Handle Fire? Because This One Can.
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02 January 2019

A good winter jacket protects your shoulders from rain, sleet and snow. A great one? Can handle a hailstorm. But the indestructible winter jacket goes a step further, addressing a different element entirely: fire. 

Snow Peak, the Japanese design house based in mountainous Niigata Prefecture, is now selling a line of sleek, hefty outerwear that handles snow and flame with equal aplomb. 

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Comprising four jackets — the Rain Jacket, Rain Trench, Down Jacket and Down Pullover — Snow Peak's FR series uses the same Aramid fabrics found in firefighting suits. While the flame retardancy isn't exactly meant for running into burning buildings, it does mean you can sit near a fire without fear of melting or damaging the coat. Not to mention the exterior layer is coated in Toray Dermizax laminate, which provides waterproof protection and breathability. 

Jackets with such fixings, you might imagine, don't run cheap. Each was originally priced in the $500-$600 range, but good news, the whole series is currently 30% off. So expect to pay $300 and change, if interested. 

For more information on the line, head here

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