Bulking Up? Slimming Down? Detoxing? There’s a Smoothie for That.

The six blending hacks every man should know

By The Editors

Bulking Up? Slimming Down? Detoxing? There’s a Smoothie for That.
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27 April 2016

There’s drinking to your health.

Then there’s actually drinking to your health. As in: smoothies.

Have a blender? Frozen fruits and leafy greens? You’re halfway to being a modern Medicine Man.

But there’s more to smoothies than simply throwing whatever’s in the crisper over ice and pressing puree. Are you trying to burn fat? Bulk up? Nip a particularly nasty hangover in the bud? There’s a smoothie ingredient for that, and the wise mixer plans accordingly.

Below: six super healthy (and super tasty) smoothie ingredients that’ll help you exercise a little nutritional wisdom next time you mix it up.

I want my smoothie to help me ...

Energize for the day ahead
Oatmeal. The trick: grind the oats into a powder. This’ll give your smoothie a deliciously thick consistency while guaranteeing you cash in on the whole-grain goodness.

Cultivate mass
Silken Tofu. Sure, you can buy protein powder, but Silken Tofu is a worthy (and non-dairy) alternative. Adds protein and gives your smoothie a creamy texture.

Slim down
Avocado. Combat bad fat with healthy fat. And half of an avocado is enough to keep you sated until your next meal. The same goes for nuts and seeds.

Cure a tremendous hangover
Coconut water. Incredibly hydrating, coconut water will mainline potassium and electrolytes into your dried-up, achy shell of a body.

Anti-oxidize and detox
Matcha. This Japanese tea is rich in antioxidants and all you need for a good daily detox. It’ll also make your smoothie literally more green, which is always a good thing.

Be more virile
Maca. Because it’s worth trying, right? This Peruvian root has been known to boost energy and sex drive. Low libido be gone.

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