The Most Handsome (and Handmade) Barware You Can Own

Key ingredient? Beautiful Vermont hardwood.

By The Editors

The Most Handsome (and Handmade) Barware You Can Own
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20 April 2016

You wouldn’t serve a four-star meal on, say, styrofoam.

So you shouldn’t serve a four-star whiskey out of a decade-old Crate & Barrel rocks glass.

The quality of your barware should befit the spirit inside of it. And a little old-school American know-how will help provide that.

Introducing the Ludlow Collection, a new collab between two of Vermont’s finest craftsmen: Simon Pearce, glassmakers extraordinaire, and Vermont Butcher Block and Board Company, makers of beautiful cherry and walnut edge grain cutting boards.

The Ludlow Collection — featuring hand-blown glasses with walnut bases that will handsomely accent your bar cabinet — fuses the strengths of both.

Simon Pearce pride themselves on practicing old-world techniques for glass blowing, utilizing wood molds (same as they did the 1700s), beech blocks, recycled wet newspaper, shears and tongs. And each piece — tasting glasses, carafes, whiskey decanters — is crafted to fit into a walnut base handmade by Vermont Butcher Block.

The collaboration wasn’t limited to drinkware, however: the wood/glass collection also includes a wooden photo frame, a decorative cross and even the world’s most unusual tic-tac-toe set.

Infinitely more interesting after a couple of whiskey sips.

Nota bene: Looking for other handsome barware? We’ve got three sets for completely different budgets.

For the pint glass that’ll inspire a mountain climb: North Drinkware, handcrafted beer glasses that take inspiration from the mountain ranges (and shapes) of the Pacific Northwest.

For campers with style: Fred & Friends offers camping rocks cups made of “unbreakable enameled steel that can handle five o'clock in any backcountry.” Handsome, too.

For the extravagant-minded drinker steeped in cocktail history: Cocktail Kingdom, makers of some of the world’s best-looking cocktail shakers that nod to history. Their limited-edition Reserve line features everything from black diamond bar spoons to the world’s most aggressive juicer.

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