Is This the Motorcycle That’ll Make an Electric Convert of You?

Handles like a Harley, runs like a Tesla

By Alex Lauer

Is This the Motorcycle That’ll Make an Electric Convert of You?
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23 August 2017

Remember those black and white Honda Super Cub ads that ended with the catchphrase, “You meet the nicest people on a Honda!”?

Here's your chance to recreate them: the blacked-out eCub from Shanghai Customs, an electric conversion of Honda's classic, dependable, commute-friendly motorbike.

Bike EXIF recently interviewed the makers to get an extensive look into the changes, which include a modified swing arm to accept the electric motor, CST tires, custom and adjustable suspension, 3-wire motorcycle-style throttle, Panasonic Sanyo Li-ion cells in a 1.2 kW pack and a 2,000-watt hub motor. Performance-wise, that means a 31-mile range at 31 MPH.

Shanghai Customs (4 images)

Since releasing the photos and specs, Shanghai Customs has been barraged with inquires. Because let’s be honest: Is anyone out there not drooling a bit at the thought of taking this out for a spin? Since they’re based in China, though, no one Stateside is getting their hands on one anytime soon.

To appease the masses, they did recently make this announcement on Facebook:

“We have also received dozens of requests for eCUB DIY conversion kits which is something more realistic for us and feel works better with homologation and compliance issues. We are happy to put these kits together over the next few weeks.”

So shoot them a message, DIYers and vintage Super Cub owners. You’ll be the envy of vintage moto enthusiasts and environmentalists alike.

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