Women on Instagram Are Doing Weirdly Sexual Things With Fruit

Coconuts, anyone?

By The Editors

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28 July 2016

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We don't know why they do it. But we're not saying we mind, either.

The water of a coconut can substitute as an intravenous fluid in emergency situations.

It is possible to freeze watermelon (for use as festive ice cubes) but not to defrost it.

Interior cracks in watermelon flesh is known as "Hollow Heart."

A watermelon can be considered either a fruit or a vegetable.

A pineapple requires three years of growing time.

Watermelon rinds are, in fact, edible.

Watermelons contain more lycopene than tomatoes.

There are over 300 varieties of watermelons. 

Watermelons are believed to have originated in Egypt 5,000 years ago. 

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