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Sevenbell: Fine Italian wares, with backstory

  • 03 February 2014

Taken together, all the clothing in your closet tells a story. A story that, hopefully, is more than “I went to the mall.”

Here’s where you should be going: Sevenbell, the storied Italian denim company, just online now.

Sevenbell’s webby negozio showcases European heritage pieces with modern touches.

Like pre-scuffed waxed leather desert boots. Colorful chinos and jeans. Woolen herringbone trousers.


And since it’s winter: cashmere sweaters, warmwool parkas and vintage quilted field jackets.

Sevenbell also publishes a journal: an ongoing dialogue with designers and creative types on travel, fashion and life, each complemented by a “shop the story” feature.

Side note: Sevenbell inexplicably does not ship to California. Or, for that matter, Somaliland. But it does ship to North Korea, just “no express delivery.”

Some stories, it seems, are yet to be told.

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