Send Your Enemies an Anonymous “You Stink”-Gram

“Your Friend Smells”: The only way to tell someone they reek

By The Editors

Send Your Enemies an Anonymous “You Stink”-Gram
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25 February 2016


Someone thinks you smell.


That’s the important message a new web service will deliver to your boss (including ours! See photo above), father-in-law or arch-nemesis via an anonymous note placed in a plain black envelope that—this is important—cannot be traced back to you.

The envelope and you-stink message arrives courtesy of My Friend Smells, which appears to be an off-shoot of a cologne company called Swago Scents ("We go where other colognes won't"). An envelope received by our CEO this week from MFS included a scratch n’ sniff package containing a cologne wipe that should, theoretically, be able to assist in any odor issues.

There's also a "unisex version" of the scent wipe you can ship to any female prankee (why the male version is gender-specific but the female one flexible is unclear to us).

Either way, it costs $1.99 to send one of the you-stink bombs, and they ship two days after you order.

Although it might not be as aggressive as sending a fart in a jar or dousing your enemy in glitter, we find anonymous telegrams telling someone they smell like hot garbage to be a fairly cerebral form of combat.

“Secret operations are essential in war; upon them the army relies to make its every move.”
–Sun Tzu, The Art of War

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