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Scouting Mission

Your luxury camping needs fulfilled, via Scout

  • 03 March 2014

It’s almost time to enjoy the great outdoors. Seriously.

Camping. Hiking. Whatever the opposite of the polar vortex is ("amicable anticyclone” — gracias, Interwebs).

So be prepared, as the Scouts say.

And prep with the versatile, handsome outdoor wares of Scout, online now.

Started by (natch) an erstwhile Boy Scout raised in the alfresco environs of the Puget Sound, Scout offers high-end — and highly functional — outdoor gear several cuts above Columbia or REI.


Three new items we dig:

Plus, Japanese cambric hankies, single-blade lockback knives, chambray pocket squares and a single-pole two-person tent.

Good stuff. Plus, the shop plants a tree for each item sold.

Making for a more enjoyable outdoors.

The Specifics


From $43

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