How to Own an Entire Barrel of Scotland's First Organic Single Malt

Experimental Scotch needs testers. Inquire within.

By Kirk Miller

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30 June 2017

When discussing Scotch, most people fall back on history and tradition.

Not so with Ncn’ean (pronounced Nook-knee-anne), a new distillery located on a remote farm in the Highlands. The whisky newcomers just announced the creation of Scotland’s first 100% organic single malt Scotch. Ncn’ean will produce 100,000 liters per year, utilizing organic barley and local spring water before maturing the spirit in former bourbon and red wine casks.

Besides going organic and touting their sustainable distilling practices, Ncn’ean is a decidedly more experimental distillery than the usual, tried-and-true Scotch producer. They’re promising to test longer mashing times, slower fermentation and uncommon yeasts, while also working with “unusual lamp-glass-shaped stills” to get a lighter spirit.

Bad news? The single malt won’t be released until 2020, when the spirit will be three years old. But you can purchase one of these barrels for $3,900-$5,000, starting on July 10th.

H/t Forbes

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