Blue Bottle. In a Can. At Your Grocer. Yes, for Real.

We’ll take six pallets, please and thank you

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Blue Bottle. In a Can. At Your Grocer. Yes, for Real.
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09 March 2016

When it comes to morning commutes, your correspondent has learned to compromise on a few things:

Seat on the train? Take it. Elevator door? Consider it held. Jam at an intersection? I’m waving you in.

But when it comes coffee, there’s no room for self-sacrifice, morning rush be damned.

The highly caffeinated demi-gods at S.F.’s Blue Bottle Coffee understand this, and have accordingly developed the first canned version of their cold-brew goodness.

The company — which uses single-origin beans, compostable bags and prides itself on delivering its coffee in 48 hours or less after roasting it on vintage gear — is bringing its ready-to-drink cold brew to LA, NYC and the Bay Area on March 18.

A perfect complement to the company’s existing subscription service, the eight-ounce canned coffees will be arriving at select Whole Foods Market stores nationwide in April and the recyclable, aluminum cans will sell individually for $4 or in packs of four.

They’ll save you time and make sure you aren’t latte.

Stock up.

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