"F*** Those Dragons." Watch Samuel L. Jackson Recap 'Game of Thrones.'

All six seasons in seven minutes. Lots of swearing.

By Kirk Miller

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13 July 2016

“F*ck those dragons!”

 Ask Samuel L. Jackson to do a recap of Game of Thrones and ye shall receive.

Just premiered on YouTube, “Game of Thrones Beginner’s Guide: Uncensored” features our favorite Pulp Fiction thespian summarizing six seasons of the HBO drama in his imitable style.

Does it work? Eh ... as Jackson warns in the beginning, “Newbie, we only have a few minutes and a lot to cover.”

Plus, some seasons and plotlines get short shrift. “Some time has passed and all hell has broken loose because of things I don’t have time to explain,” Jackson notes halfway through, literally fast-forwarding through the battle at Hardhome and barely noting the Battle of the Bastards.

As for everyone's favorite Mother of Dragons ... Jackson seems nonplussed.  “After all this," his voice rises at the end, "You’re still stuck on these f*cking dragons?”

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