A Turnkey Ski Resort You Can Retrofit as a Water Park in 30 Years

For now, enjoy the 1,000 acres and 250 inches

By Diane Rommel

A Turnkey Ski Resort You Can Retrofit as a Water Park in 30 Years
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22 June 2017

How much would you pay for your own winter wonderland? What if we threw in all the trappings of a ski resort, mountain and all? 

If you said $3.5 mil, you're in luck.

Blacktail Mountain, a Montana ski resort, is now up for grabs. We're talking 1,000 acres in the Salish Mountains, topping out at 6,798 feet.

Ski lifts? Yours. Summit lodge? Ditto. You could equally lay claim to the après-ski bar, the permit allowing commercial activity on national parkland, and the 250 inches of snow they're expecting for the 2017-18 season. Which you could keep all to yourself, instead of opening it up to strangers — er, guests. 

Weirdly enough, this isn't the first ski resort we've seen up for sale. For a fraction of the price of Blacktail Mountain, you could scoop up your very own Vermont resort called Maple Valley (or, you know, whatever you want to rename it once you hand over the check). 

The bigger question: Why are all these ski resorts coming up for sale?

Perhaps take a look at yesterday's New York Times story for a suggestion: "95 Degree Days: How Extreme Heat Could Spread Across the World." Or this piece from Powder: "Climate Study Suggests Skiing Is On a Short Leash." If you love skiing and have the cash, we say go for it. From an investment perspective, though, might be time to invest in water parks and camel safaris. 

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