This "Gentleman's Racer" Weighs Less Than an NFL Lineman

We've died and gone to carbon fiber heaven

By Shari Gab

This "Gentleman's Racer" Weighs Less Than an NFL Lineman
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21 September 2016

Moto maker Rolf van der Heide calls this bespoke ride a “gentleman’s racer.”

What makes a motorcycle gentlemanly?

A) It's dressed in all black, and B) the VanderHeide isn’t just piecemeal strong carbon: the monocoque chassis is composed entirely of black carbon fiber. That means it's light but strong, weighing in at a svelte 386 lbs. Even the swingarm and front-assembly — both handcrafted by Rolf himself — are made of the composite material.

The regal roar comes from an Aprilia RSV4 engine with 201 hp and a 230 hp option — for a fee. Other impressive specs that wowed the folks at the Goodwood Festival include 17” BST carbon fiber wheels, a MoTeC dash, Brembo brakes and Öhlins TTX36 shocks for suspension on both the front and rear wheels.

“As long as I can remember, I have dreamed of creating my own motorcycle,” Rolf told Asphalt & Rubber. “I have been involved with various companies, like Dutch supercar brand Spyker, and Dutch car brand Carver. I felt inspired by the way these companies consistently step out of their comfort zones to ensure innovation. And, as an engineer, I am fascinated by the endless possibilities of carbon fiber composites. Five years ago, I decided to combine my knowledge and experience and dedicate my life to realizing my dream.”

Limited to a short production of just 25 units, the VanderHeide can be customized to meet a buyer’s desires, from alternate paint jobs to chassis dimension (that said: go with the black). At $167,300, it won't come cheap — but the trappings of proper gentlemen rarely do.

via Asphalt & Rubber

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