Found You a New Dresser

And by dresser we mean bar.

By Evan Bleier

Found You a New Dresser
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29 June 2017

Sturdy, stately and heavy as all hell, trunks were made for moving property of great importance.

A logical leap then, it seems, that someone finally made one for hauling a piece of equipment that every man should hold near and dear to his heart to the chagrin of his liver: a home bar.

Handcrafted in Germany from the finest wood and leather, this luxurious bar-in-a-trunk is stocked with more than 50 pieces from Robbe & Berking’s bar collection, including an assortment of silver-plated Martelé drinkware and accessories.

Bar Trunk (2 images)

In addition to looking good and being useful for defending against werewolves, the pieces of hand-finished silver in the set also can “absorb and retains drinks' chilled serving temperature.”

With enough room for a 12-bottle wine rack and compartments for storing 10 bottles of liquor upright, the 62-piece set includes six champagne flutes, gin tumblers, wine tumblers, vodka beakers, longdrink beakers, cocktail sticks, ice tongs and a nutcracker for good measure.

The set isn’t cheap ($22,330) but rest assured, if you buy it, they will come.

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