The Backpack of the Future Fits in Your Pocket

What's lightweight, flexible and stronger than steel?

By Evan Bleier

The Backpack of the Future Fits in Your Pocket
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20 July 2017

Up to 15 times stronger than steel, resistant to moisture, UV rays and chemicals, and able to float on water, UHMwPE (ultra-high-molecular-weight polyethylene) is basically the Superman of fibers with one distinct difference: it folds like a cheap suit. While you don't want your suits to fold, other garments and textiles you might.

Case in point: the new 30-liter backpack from Cimoro, which can fit in your pocket when not being used.

Lighter than an apple, the Road BakPod follows Cimoro’s philosophy of creating bespoke pieces that are meticulously crafted to high standards for use in the city, mountains and on the road. The stripped-down pack, designed by Savile Row-trained tailor Alasdair Leighton-Crawford, has a waterproof main compartment, water-resistant external compartment, patent- pending carrying system and is covered in reflective coating.

“We recognize this opportunity to confront, disrupt, challenge and change current conventions,” Leighton-Crawford says. “We relish the challenges ahead and the opportunity to join forces with those who care.”

Made to order, it takes about a month for each pack to be cut, sewn and completed and Cimoro plans to limit production of the $780 Road BakPod to just 250 units (free shipping worldwide).

If you want to try before you buy (virtually), CIMORO created this trippy 3D model to play with.

   ROAD_ BAKPOD©    by CIMORO    on Sketchfab

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