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Revolights bring safety and Tron to your bike

  • 01 October 2012

Remember watching the original Tron, and how you wanted one of those Light Cycles? Like, for reals?

Well, now you can have one, at least on your bike, thanks to Revolights.

The brainchild of two wheel-obsessed whiz kids (a Stanford mechanical engineering grad and a molecular biologist) and finally available for retail after a successful 2011 Kickstarter campaign, Revolights are a futuristic bike lighting system that make nighttime rides imminently more safe and, well, Tron-like.

The ‘lights themselves are two thin LED rings mounted on each wheel rim that create solid arcs of light projected forward, backward and to the side of the bike." The benefits:

  • Theft-resistance: Since they’re mounted, they’re not going anywhere...unless you lose your entire wheel

Revolights are available now for a limited pre-sale for $250.

A small price to pay to compete on the Game Grid.

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