What '80s Fever Dream Birthed This Monstrous Neon Ducati?

The designers named it 'Obnoxious.' They weren't kidding.

By Evan Bleier

What '80s Fever Dream Birthed This Monstrous Neon Ducati?
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19 May 2017

When we’ve come across the stellar work of the gearhead geniuses at Austin’s Revival Cycles in the past, the terms that’ve first come to mind are adjectives like tasteful, handsome and posh.

That said, when we saw their latest work, there was only one word that came to mind: “Huh?”

Using the frame and 4-valve DOHC liquid-cooled 996cc V-twin engine from a 1999 Ducati ST4 as a starting point, Revival went to town and installed a handbuilt aluminum fuel tank, reworked the fender mounts, fork guards and radiator and tacked on a sidecar for kicks.

However, what clearly stands out about the Ducati Odioso (Italian for “obnoxious”), is Revival's choice to coat it in ‘80s neon shades that’d make the highlighter in your Trapper Keeper blush.

Neon Ducati (8 images)

The decision to craft the garish bike, unsurprisingly, came about after Revival head fabricator Andy James had gone out for a night of drinking and decided the shop needed to build a bike out of “something totally inappropriate.” Credit to Revival, at least they acknowledge it.

“Typically, we prefer to build technically proficient, yet subtle machines with an understated elegance,” the shop says. “This time … we chose to go a completely different direction.”

First time they get a mulligan, but here’s hoping they go back.

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