Invest in a Little Peace of Mind

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Invest in a Little Peace of Mind
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08 February 2016

It’s nearly bonus season.

Your financial advisor will tell you to sock all that extra folding money away in a CD or an ETF or some other money-accruing acronym.

We say you should do that too … after shaving some off the top to treat you — or the missus — to something sparkly. Valentine’s Day looms, after all.

But if you take our route, please also invest in a little peace of mind, care of Jewelers Mutual Insurance Company, an outfit started by jewelers, for jewelers that’s been protecting rocks, watches and the like for more than 100 years.

Jewelers Mutual® employs a team of jewelry insurance experts licensed and certified gemologists who protect one thing and one thing only — jewelry.

Among the advantages that stand them out from the crowd:

1) Comprehensive repair or replacement coverage that covers loss, damage, theft and mysterious disappearance

2) You name your deductible, right down to $0 deductible option that allows you to avoid unnecessary expense without sacrificing coverage

3) A dedicated staff of jewelry insurance experts who will collaborate with your jeweler of choice (and even let you work with that jeweler directly) to replace lost or damaged pieces

4) You can apply for coverage in less than 10 minutes

5) Coverage that travels with you, worldwide

Plus: 24-hour account access, no limit on coverage value and annual premiums as low as $25.

Accidents happen. Mysterious disappearances happen.

Don’t be the guy who swore they wouldn’t.

Underwritten by Jewelers Mutual Insurance Company, Neenah, WI. Coverage and pricing are subject to underwriting review and approval, and to policy terms and conditions.

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