Report: The Best Time for a Long Airline Trip Is Right NOW

Long-haul journeys may never get cheaper than this

By Kirk Miller

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10 December 2018

Looking to fly somewhere this winter?

Some advice, using some football parlance: Go long.

According to The Economist (via the analytics site FlowingData and data provided by Expedia), airline ticket prices have been steadily decreasing for transatlantic and long-haul flights. Ticket costs overall have actually been going down since 2014, but the savings on longer journeys (over 3100 miles) have fallen a whopping 30-50% on economy-class seats during that time frame, while shorter trips have seen savings of just under 10%.

Why has longer recently been better? The Economist sites the falling cost of jet fuel, increased competition from low-cost carriers and state-owned Chinese carriers undercutting their rivals.

So take a big trip next time out, but do it soon: The report posits that rising fuel costs and decreased airline profits could mean these savings will probably never get lower than they are now.

Photo by Menglong Bao on Unsplash

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