REI Drops a Stellar Camp Collection Just in Time for XMas

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REI Drops a Stellar Camp Collection Just in Time for XMas
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24 December 2015

The old axiom that one reaps what he sows always rings true around the Holidays.

If you want evidence of in the retail world, look no further than REI. The outdoor retailer closed on Black Friday so that its employees and customers felt empowered to #optoutside and visit the woods they all so heartily enjoy.

Apparently the plan worked, because just in time for Christmas, REI has released its own line of stellar camping gear called evrgn, a concept that was previewed at the Wunder Garden in Washington D.C. last fall and is now available for purchase.

The look is part vintage, part Scandinavian, all sustainable and designed within view of Mt. Rainier. Here are some standouts:

The Rollback Pack
Added exterior storage means this daypack can carry you right through the weekend if necessary.

A brushed metal 8-oz. flask that fits as nicely on the palm as it does in your jacket.

The evrgn collection is all about making camping more comfy. The grounded cushions are perfect for those who want to get close to the earth, while the campfire rocker folds easily and gives you that soothing motion that makes the woods feel like home.

Flashlights might be best when you need to pack super-efficiently, but if you’ve got a bit of space, lanterns are where it’s at. The Lowboy Lantern is small, lightweight and cheap. Pick up several for your campsite.

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