Radio Shack's Last Sale Is a Time Warp to Simpler Times

Old-school radios, walkie talkies and ... that a laptop?

By Kirk Miller

Radio Shack
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31 May 2017

Radio Shack, the beleaguered electronics dealer where could always find a coaxial cable or dusty remote control car, is closing most of its stores.

But there’s a bright side.

Admittedly, it’s sad that RS shut down over 1,000 locations over Memorial Day, leaving only 70 company-owned and 425 independent franchise stores (by contrast, the company had 7,400 stores in 2004). It’s a 95-year old brand, and hundreds of employees will be affected.

That said, the brand is throwing a memorabilia auction and it’s amazing.

“As we cleaned out our historic archives in Fort Worth, Texas, we uncovered a cache of iconic memorabilia in 12 huge safes,” notes the UBid Estate auction site. What you’ll find: A treasure trove of obsolete hardware and bizarro collector items.

Radio Shack (3 images)

Our three favorite items:

  • A gold record for Put the Hammer Down, a collection of country songs about trucking from 1975.
  • The suitcase-sized 2800 HD, Tandy’s first attempt at a laptop in 1990. If the original specs hold true, you're looking at a 20MB hard drive and a floppy disk drive. Also, weighs “less than 12.5 pounds.”
  • A portrait of George W. Bush (in beveled frame).

The online auction runs through July 3.

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