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Pocket Change

Suit up with home-delivered, hand-crafted pocket squares

  • 22 June 2012

From humble beginnings come impressive things — take the pocket square, which has its origins in the handkerchief, but really isn't something you should turn your blown nose up at.

Ensuring your ensemble is nth degree natty: Put This On Gentlemen’s Association's Pocket Square of the Month Club.

[callout] ... a "very serious members-only organization" for breast pocket adornment [/callout]

Run by the eponymous host of NPR's Bullseye with Jesse Thorn, the "very serious members-only organization" ships one pocket square every 60 days. Each square's fabric is hand-selected, then cut and rolled by hand by a LA-based atelier.

Full-year memberships (six squares) run $45 every other month, and include one extra white linen square. Thorn also provides useful style advice via the site, e.g., don’t match the square and tie “unless you’re sharing a bill with Steve Harvey.”

PTO’s style expertise doesn’t end with the square — the company also offers Inside Track, which curates eBay and auction sales of hard-to-find garments. And the site itself is a must-read, tackling clothing conundrums ranging from “best cuff links” to “How to Get the Stink Out of a Barbour Jacket.”

Which is something everyone's inclined to turn their nose up at.

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Put This On Gentlemens Association

$45 every other month

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