Weatherproof Post-It Notes Are Now a Thing. A Very Useful Thing.

Inclement weather is no match for Post-It Extreme Notes

By Tanner Garrity

Weather-Proof Post-It Notes Are Now a Thing. A Very Useful Thing.
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14 March 2018

I’ve tried to maintain a friendly relationship with Post-it Notes.

From unraveling stacks like an accordion at a young age, to peppering ‘em throughout textbooks in school, they usually treated me well. Until … they didn’t.

After all, all Post-it Notes must one day lose their stick.  

Thankfully, Post-it Extreme Notes are here to rectify this great office supplies tragedy, with a line of vibrant sticky squares that are utterly unimpressed by the elements, and eager for the long haul.

The secret sauce? Dura-Hold, an ultrastrong strand of paper that can stomach rain, heat, cold ... even the old errant-elbow-knocks-over-the-coffee routine. Not to mention, the Extreme’s adhesive latches easily to uneven surfaces like concrete or painted wood. Taken altogether, it’s a must-buy for construction sites, workshops and garages. Should work well in the shower as a way to drop yourself some morning reminders, too.

Scoop ‘em here for $5.

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