Pioneer's New Earbuds Solve the iPhone 7's Worst Problem

Rock your headphones and charge your phone, at the same time

By Kirk Miller

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15 February 2017

If you like the new iPhone 7 but hate that it doesn't have a headphone jack and dislike wireless headphones ... you’re not alone. But  you finally have a worthwhile solution.

Pioneer’s new, sleek Rayz Plus earbuds allow you to charge your iPhone while listening to music, thanks to a charging port built into the headphones cable.

It’s a novel concept, and it’s built on top of several other worthy features: Smart noise cancelling (allows in the right amount of ambient sound so you won’t, say, get hit by a car), auto pausing when you take your buds out, a dedicated smart button that brings up apps and mutes, personalized tuning via the Rayz app, and a cool metallic finish.

Plus, these cans use less power than any other Lightning headset, according to Pioneer. The regular Rayz (sans the cool charging port) are $99.95, with the Plus edition going for fifty bucks more.

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