We Need to Talk About Your Upkeep. For Science.

Straight razor or electric? To manscape or not? Let's discuss.

By The Editors

Manscaping. Let’s Talk About It.
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19 February 2016

Telling you where to cut your hair or what kind of suds to rub under your pits is never gonna be the sexiest thing we write about.

But considering that one in three men admits to spending upwards of 30 minutes a day on their appearance and an FBI agent recently told us it’s the key to good first impressions, discuss it we must.

So help us direct that conversation, dear reader, by way of taking this brief, 12-question survey on the state of male grooming in America.

Are you loyal to your barber? Do you manscape? Straight razor or electric? Are you bald? Do you care? Your answers will help inform our style and grooming coverage, and we’ll share the results of our findings with you next month.


The Specifics


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