Really Ties the Room Together

Panasonic unveils the first surround-sound rug

By The Editors

Hear That? That’s a Rug with Surround Sound.
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12 September 2015

IFA, Europe’s biggest tech show, is winding down in Berlin not without a few interesting announcements and devices. But perhaps the wackiest is Panasonic’s new offering for the home cinema: a 6.1-channel-surround sound system ... in a rug.

Yes. A rug.

While we could do without shaggy carpeting, Panasonic’s rug features four speakers — one for each corner — that connect to a separate free-standing subwoofer. Users are able to control the direction and volume of each speaker, which, overall, makes for a very discreet system for anyone averse to gaudy amps and loose wires.

For now, the rug is a working concept. If you’re looking for the best of the rest at IFA 2015, we suggest heading on over here.

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