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Keeping Pace

Pacer: An app for a more efficient workout

  • 06 December 2013

Timing really is everything.

Ask drummers, comedians and anybody who tried to start a Russian land war in winter.

For good timing where your workout’s concerned, hook yourself up with Pacer.

PacerAvailable now for iOS, Pacer is a beautiful, minimalistic app that aggregates and times your workouts for max efficiency.

As in structured interval training. I.e., bursts of heavy activity mixed with lighter activity for pretty much any exercise you can think of, from cycling to lifting.

Pacer times and structures these workouts, all with simple finger swipes, preset workout timers and audio cues. No typing.

You can also combine and replay timers, building a warm-up/interval/cool-down combo to your liking.

Coming up: the ability to count sets and reps, record specific exercises and movements, and get more specialized pre-set workouts (Crossfit, high-intensity interval training, circuit training, etc.).

All arriving in good time.

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