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Oyster: Unlimited books on your smartphone

  • 20 September 2013

“The things I want to know are in books,” said Abraham Lincoln.

Say we: the things you want to know are actually on your smartphone in books.

Introducing the endless library of Oyster, just launched.

Join Oyster and you can instantly download unlimited tomes from Oyster’s library of 100,000+ titles.

Cost: $9.95 per month, making Oyster essentially Netflix for books.

Like with Netflix, you’ll be agog at the lack of big name titles. No David Foster Wallace. No Carver. No Cheever. No Martin Amis or Tim O’Brien.

But as with Netflix, you’ll be surprised at what they do have: Michael Chabon. Elmore Leonard. Philip Roth. John Irving. Plus plenty of health, self-improvement and business titles.

And it's equipped with a clean, intuitive interface, courtesy of the former head designer of Google Maps.

Currently, Oyster is wait list only — although our invite arrived after three days. It’s currently compatible with iPhones and the iPod Touch, with an iPad app coming this fall and Android on the map for the near future.

Now, go forth and read.

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$9.95 per month

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