Own The First, and Last, Israeli Sportscar

The ultra-rare Sabra Sport GT is going up for auction

By The Editors

Own The First, and Last, Israeli Sportscar
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01 March 2016

In the agrarian pantheon of the world’s best carmakers, there is, of course, the U.S.

Many have pledged allegiance to the meticulous tinkerers of Japan.

Others: das Autoherstellers of Germany.

Then there’s Israel.

Israel? Yes, Israel, and the ultra-rare Sabra Sport GT — the first, last and only Israeli sportscar.

Haifa-based Autocars enlisted the help of the UK’s Reliant — the British outfit known for building three-wheelers — to help manufacture the Sabra Sport GT and the companies produced fewer than 380 of the models in England and Israel between 1961 and 1968. With 61 horses, a 1.7-litre SOHC inline four-cylinder engine and a four-speed manual transmission, the fiberglass Sabra was produced in both convertible and coupé form.

The short-lived cars are scarce, but a “comprehensively restored” 1964 model that used to belong to the Belgian Israeli Consulate General’s wife is going up for sale next month at the Amelia Island Auction. The outside of the Sabra was “beautifully refinished in a period pastel blue color” and its interior was totally redone in “dark blue leatherette with cloth center panels.”

The auction house expects it to fetch at least $80,000.

Sometimes, it pays to finish last. More views below.

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