Remember 'Operation'? This Version Involves a Paintball Gun.

What could possibly go wrong?

By The Editors

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19 July 2016

Today in nothing from anyone’s childhood is sacred:

The board game Operation. You remember it. That hand-eye coordination game where you must fix up Cavity Sam without touching the sides — or else, BUZZER!

Now imagine a version where every time your tweezers hit the edge, instead of that buzzing noise, the trigger of a paintball gun is pulled, and that paintball gun is aimed squarely at your backside.

That’s the version of Operation YouTube user the Madcap Brothers have created, and it looks terrifyingly fun. And by terrifyingly fun, we mostly mean terrifying. In this form, players have a minute to remove as many ailments as possible, except for the very hard-lined caveat there’s a paintball gun lording over your every move.

Revisiting your childhood was never this painful.

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