New Last-Minute Hotel Booking App Caters to Free Spirits

Sometimes, you need a hotel room right away (ahem)

By Diane Rommel

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21 September 2016

Not everybody books their travel six months out. 

Some people like to ... float. 

We've had it go both ways. 

Sometimes we don't plan our accommodations in advance, and we leave it to the fates — and we sleep in the airport. 

Sometimes we leave it to the fates ... and we get really sick deals. 

The new app from the team behind Standard Hotels is designed to help with the latter

You may remember Hotel Tonight, a last-minute hotel booking app that came on fast and furious, with super-solid deals for day-of bookings. 

But then, like so much out of Silicon Valley, it got greedy. 

It decided to do same-day, next-day, and seven-day-out reservations. 

That put it in competition with the hotel brands themselves — who were no longer just off-loading unwanted, last-minute inventory; when users could book on Hotel Tonight seven days out, hotels found themselves undercutting themselves. Not cool. 

Into that void comes The Standard's last-minute booking app, One Night Standard.  

Now, the app is expanding — with a top-notch arrray of other hotel brands.

The two-dozen hotels in their portfolio are the ones you already like: The Wythe, The LudlowViceroy l'Hermitage, a bunch more in L.A., New York, and Miami — along with the Standards. 

Caveat: You can, per the concept, only book for same-night reservations, and only after 3 p.m. 

We'd take a peak for you, to see what's on tap tonight, but guess what — it's not 3 p.m. ET yet.

But you can bet we'll try it next time we decide to tack a day on to our stay in Hollywood. 

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