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Going Whole Hog

Olympic Provisions: Now delivering perfect salami

  • 16 December 2013

Congratulations, gents. Today, you graduate from bacon.

Look, bacon is great. Delicious. Zesty.

But bacon, delicious as it may be, is a boy's obsession. It’s kegs ‘n eggs, Cancún and beer bottle keychains.

Now that you wear big fella shorts, get yourself some handcrafted salamis from Olympic Provisions, now delivering.

These all-natural meats are good for a snack and serving guests.

And their online store is the kind of place where you might start out by ordering a sopressata and end up taking a course on whole-hog butchering.

Olympic ProvisionsWhat you want from them: their Salami of the Month Club. The SOTM will send you (or the “object of your meaty affection”) up to three different salumi per month for a calendar year.

These salumi: crafted from 100% all-natural, antibiotic-free pork. Hand-butchered. Handcrafted. Mouthwatering.

What you’ll get: A garlic- and cumin-zested loukaniko inspired by Greece. A garlic-y saucisson sec. A Spanish-style chorizo rioja with sweet and smoked paprika.

The salamis ship the second Tuesday of each month. And each shipment comes with tasting notes.

Because this pork? It’s for gentlemen.

The Specifics

Olympic Provisions

$140-$385 per year

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