Meet Offpeak. It'll Tell You How to Avoid Peak Travel Season.

Cheaper. Quieter. Less people-y-er.

By Evan Bleier

Meet Offpeak. It'll Tell You How to Avoid Peak Travel Season.
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07 August 2017

What’s the least expensive month of the year to get a hotel room in New Orleans? August. Barcelona? December. NYC? January. Buenos Aires? Doesn’t matter — it’s always cheap.

We don’t know this because we pay for the Insider subscription to Hotel Manager Monthly (an extra $5 is way too much), but because we looked it up online via’s website.

Using data culled from booking sites, Offpeak can display the median hotel price for a specific day, week or month in a specific city so you can determine the cheapest dates to go for a visit.

OffPeak (2 images)

While not quite as useful but still handy, the site can also show you historic hotel availability data as well as weather forecasts about the city you’ve picked during your selected time range. Also, if there’s a large conferences or other citywide event that’s likely to spike rates, it’ll tell ya.

The one drawback with the site, so far, is that it only has data on 53 cities. That said, it’s still in beta so more are getting added and the developers are crowdsourcing for where to pick next.

Sneak a peek at Offpeak here.

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