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November's Best

Quadskis, goose coats, and supercar watches

  • 30 November 2012

There comes a time in every man’s life when he reflects on what he’s accomplished. But for now, just reflect on InsideHook Nation’s Best of November.

Winter Gear
Canada Goose

Because most winter coats are so puffy you might get roasted over a campfire, allow us to introduce Canada Goose's slim new Langford Parka, the one winter coat you absolutely need for this Frankenstorm-y season, available right now. 

Skyfalling in Love

James Bond: has a license to kill. James Bond’s creator: has a villa to rent. That’s why in November we introduced the GoldenEye Hotel and Resort, a Jamaican retreat where Sir Ian Fleming wrote everything from “Casino Royale” to “Dr. No,” available for the relaxing right now. And while at GoldenEye, you may ask: should I jet ski or off-road? The futuristic Quadski solves both problems, as it can zip along land and water at 45 mph.

Watch Yourself
And no matter where you are this season, strap on a sporty ’n’ sleek Vallelunga Chronograph by racing-inspired watchmakers Autodromo. So sleek, time stops for you.

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November's Best

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