No One Asked for Self-Parking Chairs, But Here They Are

Nissan gets creative with new self-parking technology

By The Editors

No One Asked for Self-Parking Chairs, But Here They Are
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18 February 2016

Working in an office comes with some rules of good etiquette.

Keep seafood out of the microwave. Don’t sleep with interns. And mind the position of your roll-y chair — someone could stub a toe out there.

Thanks to a new technology from Nissan, that last one is now automated.

To show off their self-driving wizardry, Nissan has created a chair that docks itself. In a video clip they released earlier this week, a nine-to-fiver shows off a fleet of modified Okamura chairs that gracefully park themselves under desks or around conference tables with a single hand clap.


The hi-tech hocus pocus was achieved by installing battery-powered sensors and circuitry into each chair and controlling their movements via motion tracking cameras. Unfortunately for fire safety managers and phenomenally lazy people everywhere, there are no plans to actually bring the chairs to market.

But remember to push in your chair.

It takes a village to prevent office clutter.

Image from Youtube/Nissan

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